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Minot Shrine Club

2524 E. Burdick Expressway
Minot, ND 58701

Masonic Lodge

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The 2022 Northwest Shrine Circus is Coming


John Young, Circus Director



MINOT, ND, 02/01/2022 - The Minot Shrine Club Circus Board is pleased to announce that we will be having the Northwest Shrine Circus this year at the North Dakota State Fair Center.


Performance Dates – Times

Thursday, May 5th – 10:00AM and 7:00PM

Friday, May 6th – 10:00AM, 4:00PM, and 7:30PM

Saturday, May 7th – 2:00PM and 6:00PM


We would like to thank all the local businesses that have supported us in the past. Their sponsorship is tantamount to us being able to not only put on the Northwest Shrine Circus but to also continue our support of the Shriners Hospitals for Children and the services they are able to provide for children in need. We look forward to renewing our relationships with our sponsors over the coming months in order to produce this welcome family-friendly event.

The Northwest Shrine Circus has been a welcomed, recurring event for Minot and the surrounding community for 66 years. Having the opportunity to bring it back after taking a two-year break brings joy and renewed energy to our Shrine Club members.

We are preparing for this event and can’t wait to see your smiling faces at the 2022 Northwest Shrine Circus.


The Minot Shrine Club serves as the local representative body of Shriners International. Shriners are a fraternity based on fun, fellowship and the Masonic principles of brotherly love, truth, and relief. Through our fundraising efforts, we support the Shriners Hospitals for Children and provide transportation for children going to or coming home from those hospitals.----------

For more information, please call our office at (701) 838-7388, email shriners@minot.com, or visit our circus page.


 New Potentate of Kem Shriners

Ronald Penfold was elected Kem Temple’s 2022 Illustrious Potentate on Jan. 8, 2022.

Ron started his journey as an Entered Apprentice. He is a Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of North Dakota and an Honorary Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Illinois. He is the current Secretary/Treasurer of the Minot Shrine Club. Ron is a 33° Inspector General Honorary of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.


He is a member of the Mandan York Rite bodies. He currently is the Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter. He is a past Grand Master of Cryptic Rite masons, a Past Grand Commander of Knights Templar and Past Puissant Sovereign Commander of St. Felix Conclave, Red Cross of Constantine. Ron is a Past Excellent Chief of Knight Masons and a KYCH recipient. In 2013 he was awarded the Knights Templar Cross of Honor for exceptional and meritorious service.


In 2007 as State Dad for Rainbow Girls he was awarded the Rainbow Cross of Color. He is a life member of the National Sojourners. In 2016 he was President of the Midwest Conference on Masonic Education which was held in Grand Forks.


He is a proud member of KEM Shriners, Minot Shrine Club, Minot Merrymen and Hillbilly’s. In 2014 he was awarded the KEM SAMSAR Jewel. Ron has fully enjoyed serving the craft for over 50 years.

The Minot Shrine Club is extremely proud of Ron and all his good work.  We are especially proud of his new role as Potentate of Kem Shriners.


(Ron is pictured above with Lady Helen.) 



Christmas Party

The Minot Shrine Christmas Party was held December 3.  Everyone had a great time. More photos

KEM SHRINE 100 Gun Raffle

If you would like to buy a ticket for the gun raffle, contact Ron Penfold at the Minot Shrine Club: 

701 838-7388




 New Shriner


Cris Baze, pictured on the left, with his Lady, Stephanie, is a new Minot Shriner.  Another photo of him (rt) is shown with Potentate Ron Bergh. 

Welcome Cris and Stephanie!


Ken “Dizzy” Gillespie, Top Clown of the Shrine


Kenneth Gillespie also known as “Dizzy the Clown” was installed as President of the International Shrine Clown Association (ISCA) on February 22nd 2020 in San Antonio Texas.

For For 46 years he has served Shrinedom well. He has performed many duties for the Shrine including President of the Minot Shrine Club and Merrymen, Director of the Northwest Shrine Circus, KEM Hospital representative and Chaplin for ISCA. He is President of the North Dakota State Fair clowns and Past President of the World Clown Association. These are just a few of the positions he has held.

Ken has received many, many awards for his skits and costume designs and is a Judge for clown competition at the various clown and Shrine events. Ken is also a recipient of the KEM Shriner of the Year award. His main goal as a Shrine clown has been to raise money through the Red Sneaker fund for burns research.

In the local Minot area Dizzy is well known and respected. Words like awesome, wonderful and funny are some of the nice words that describe him on book. He loves to bring a smile to children as well as adults. Through the years Dizzy has represented KEM Shriners and the Minot Shrine Club well. He loves to Clown and we are proud of him.


Pre-Circus Party


Fun was had by all at the Pre-Circus Party/Circus Ticket-Selling Kickoff.  Lots of good Mexican food was enjoyed and there were many neat door prizes. Kudos to
Vice-President Schwartz (left) for planning the party and to Steve Belcher (right) for assisting!

Pre-Circus Photos 


Shriners Hospital Kids Christmas Party Photos

Ugly Sweater Contest


Steven Belcher was the winner of the 2019 Ugly Sweater Contest.  Don Thom and Ken Rotter were awarded honorable mentions.  Congratulations to all!

Potentate's Ball Photos

Magic City Express


Shriners from the Minot Shrine Club helped celebrate and promote the return of the Magic City Express, a narrow gauge train owned and operated by the Railroad Museum, by making balloon animals for the passengers who rode it through Roosevelt Park. This took place over the Labor Day weekend.

The train with all its cars and all the track system was under water during the 2011 flood. It had to go through lengthy and extensive repair, repainting, and replacement to bring it back to "like new condition" so it could proudly return to the Minot entertainment scene.

See more photos.

North Dakota State Fair and Midwest Shrine Photos


MSA Clown Competition


The 2019 Midwest Shrine Clown Competition was held at the Midwest gathering in Aberdeen South Dakota on August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  Two of our excellent Merrymen clowns brought home high honors in the Clown Makeup Competition competing with clowns from the 12 other temples in the Midwest.

Jesse "Pringles" Stephens (photo left) was awarded 1st place in the highly contested White Face Division.  Tony "Chuckles" Managad (photo right) captured 2nd  place in the very difficult Hobo/Tramp Division.

All of the Merrymen are proud of you as well as the Minot Shrine Club and Kem Temple.  You represented us well!



Wells County Fair

On Saturday June 22nd the Minot Shrine Merrymen provided entertainment for everyone during the Wells County Fair parade in Fessenden and at the Free Stage event. After the parade they played calliope music, gave away balloon animals, toys, and information about Shriners and the work they do.


Fair Photos


KEM Shriners Spring Ceremonial and Potentate's Ball

The Minot Shrine Club hosted the Kem Shriners Spring Ceremonial and Potentate's Ball for our Illustrious Potentate  Philip Landis and his Lady Melissa on May 31 and June 1 2019. We had lots of fellowship and fun!

Ceremonial Photos

2019 Circus Photos

2018 Ugly Sweater Contest

Orren Anderson was the winner in the ugly sweater contest at the annual 2018 Christmas Party.  Ron Penfold came in second and Ken Rotter took third place.  Congratulations!

2018 MSA Convention


Minot Shriners participated in the 2018 Midwest Shrine Association Convention parade in Deadwood, South Dakota.  Several photos from this event can be seen on the 2018 photos page.

Special Birthday


Mel celebrated his 99th birthday with friends and family at the Minot lodge.  Happy Birthday, Mel! You are very special!

Membership Awards


Rod Olson and Mel Heere were presented with 50 Year Shrine Membership Awards at the January 16, 2018 Merrymen Meeting. The award comes from the Imperial Potentate of the North American Shrine Organization.  Congratulations, Rod and Mel!


To see photos of the All Masonic Christmas Party and the Shriners Hospital Kids Christmas Party, click here.

Ugly Sweater Contest


There were many ugly sweaters at the 20017 All Masonic Christmas Party held on Dec. 1st, but Eric Angell's took the prize.  Congratulations, Eric!

To see the 2017 Potentate's Ball photos, click here.

To see 2017 Minot Shrine Circus photos, click here.

Click here to see photos from the Pre-Circus Party - Pre Valentine Party

   New Shriners


Benjamin Lingenfelter, Tony Managad, and Loren Anderson became Kem Temple Shriners at a ceremonial held in Minot February 4, 2017.  They were fezzed by the Kem Shrine Potentate, Scott Midstokke.

   Ugly Sweater Contest


An ugly sweater contest was held during the 2016 All Masonic Christmas Party.  The winners were:  1st place -- Ken Rotter; 2nd place--Orren Anderson; and 3rd place -- Ron Penfold.

  Shriner of the Year


In 2016 Orren Anderson received the Kem Shriners Shriner of the Year Award for the entire year of 2015.  Orren received the award for all of his hard work and dedication to the Minot Shrine Club.  Thank  you, Orren!

   Wells County Fair


Stanley Shelver, Orren Anderson, and Wes Hay performed at the Free Stage at the Wells County Fair, June 25, 2016.

   Mel Heere Honored


Mel Heere was honored at a Shriners luncheon gathering at Primos restaurant June 22, 2016 for his long and faithful performance as our Shrine Chaplin. He was presented an official name badge and applauded by all present. Thank you, Mel!

   Pork Chop Feed


The Pork Chop Feed was held June 10, 2016. Ken Rotter received his Merrymen jeweled fezz for being the President of the Merrymen for 2014 and 2015 and we were honored to have Illustrious Potentate Lynn Misialek and his lady Cheryl present at the event.

    Patient Screening Clinic

Members of the Minot Shrine Club and Erin, representing the Twin Cities Shriners Hospital for Children, attended the April 22nd Patient Screening Clinic in Minot.  The event was scheduled in conjunction with Cedrick Parisien, a patient at the Twin Cities Hospital, who is working towards his Eagle Scout rank.  Cedrick said he wanted to help hold a screening to pay back the kindness of the Shriners and the Shrine Hospital who have been helping him.

Dizzy Goes to the Shrine Game

Ken "Dizzy" Gillespie was invited to be one of the Shrine clowns at the 91st Annual East-West Shrine Game  January 23, 2016.  He will represent the Minot Shrine Club and the Kem Shriners at this event. We are proud of you, Dizzy and we thank you for being a great Shriner! To find more information about the game, go to http://shrinegame.com/ .

shriner in ugly sweater Shriner in ugly sweater  Shriner in ugly sweater
Ugly Sweater Contest

This year at the Annual Christmas Party an Ugly Sweater Contest was held.  Ken Rotter won 1st place, Jason Guilford, 2nd, and Jake Windsor came in 3rd.

Shawn Jordahl Benefit

  3 women clown gift basket shriner cooking 2 shriners shriner and lady shriner shriner shriner


November 15, 2015 the Minot Masons held a spaghetti and meatball dinner for their members and the public with a free will offering to help Shawn Jordahl ease some of his medical and travel expenses incurred in his fight with cancer.

If you would like to contribute online, go to http://www.gofundme.com/4d6ygvfc   or send a check to “Shawn Jordahl’ benefit” at the Minot Masonic Center 2524 Burdick Expy. East Minot ND 58701.         


Click here to see the 2015 Potentate's Ball and the Midwest Shrine Association photos.

Minot Shriners on Noon Show

Stan Shelver and Orren Anderson were on the KXMC Noon Show March 24, 2015 speaking about Shriners away from their home lodges.  The Minot Shrine Club invites all of the Masons and Shriners who are away from their home lodges and temples to visit with us and join us in the fraternal work and fun.  You can retain your home membership while affiliating or associating with us.  You can join the Minot Shrine Club for an earth-shaking $10.00 per year.  We are active in the community by providing a world class, three rings, 7 performances circus and, of course, parades and other activities.  We hold meetings, meals, and socials throughout the year.  Contact us at 701 838-7388 or email shriners@minot.com. We will be happy to get you back to "Shrining."

Minot Shriner Honored

Travis Kane, a fairly new member of Kem Temple the Minot Shrine Club, the Minot Merrymen unit, and member and Secretary of Minot's newest Shrine unit- Kem's Karavan - was awarded a great honor at Kem Temple's annual meeting by being the given the Kem Temple Shriner of the Year Award.  Two achievements that helped him to be selected over other Kem Shriners for this award were his effort Shriners Children's Hospital and his efforts in the start-up of the new Kem's Karavan unit.  These accomplishments are seldom expected of or produced by even seasoned Shriners.  Good work, Travis!

Kem Shrine Club of the Year

The Minot Shrine Club was given the high honor of being selected the "Shrine Club of the Year" at the Kem Temple's, January 10th annual meeting.  We were selected from all the Shrine Clubs of Kem Temple to receive this award.  The members of the Minot Shrine Club accomplished a great deal in 2014 and were exceptional in bringing in a good number of new members.  A big "Thanks" to all the Shriners and their Ladies who made this possible.

Click here to see photos from the Shrine Children's Hospital Patients Christmas Party.

child  santa girl
Christmas Party

The members of the Minot Shrine Club gathered at the Masonic Center in early December for the annual Shrine Children's Hospital Patients Christmas Party.  This event gets Shriners and the patients and their families who go to the Children's Hospitals together to visit, celebrate, and get to know each other over lunch, entertainment, a visit from Santa, and the presentation of gifts.  All who attend know that the real gift is in the help received at the Shriners Hospitals for Children that they or their loved ones receive.

New Shriners

The Minot Shrine Club was busy adding to their string of new members by having two outstanding candidates join our ranks at the ceremonial during our Annual Meeting and Christmas Dinner Party on December 5, 2014.  Stanley "Stan" Shelver and Paul Feriar are shown with Kem's Illustrious Potentate, Lowell Domier.  We welcome them and look forward to their association with our membership for many years to come.

Kem's Karavan Honors

Illustrious Sir Lowell Domier, Potentate of Kem Temple, received the New Kem Unit's (Minot's Kem's Karavan) large patch and a life membership by Unit President Collin Nelson in recognition of his consultation, encouragement, and arm twisting to get the new unit formed.  The men of Kem's Karavan will always be grateful to Lowell for his efforts.

Click here to see photos from the Imperial Potentate's Ball

Minot Shrine Merryman Wins Awards

The Minot Shrine Merrymen's Donnie "Silly Goose" Gosselin won a very prestigious award at the Imperial Shrine Session held recently in Minneapolis.  Donnie won 2nd place in the white face make up division competing against some of the best white face clowns in North America.  Donnie also placed in the top 5 in 2 other categories of the competition which is an outstanding accomplishment!  Congratulations, Donnie!!

Click here to go to the Album 2014 page to see the circus photos.

Thank You!!!

A big thanks to all the people who worked doing all the different jobs to put on the Shrine Circus and to help make it a success.  The pay is lousy for doing all the work until you see, hear, or read about the children and their parents who are assisted by your efforts in getting to and from the Shrine Hospitals for treatment.  Thanks again from all the Shriners and the children we serve.  A special thanks to all those who worked the months before the circus to sell children's tickets, print and label about 16,000 of them, and then to send them to the schools for distribution.  Thanks to those who do the business planning and have everything ready for our great crew to go to work when the circus starts and for those who do the wrap-up after the big show is over. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



 Shrine Vests

All the volunteer workers at the circus had new identity vests to wear thanks to the persistence of Wes Hay who saw the value of a way to identify those who were running the circus from those who were attending the performances.  It looked great and worked well.  Thanks Wes!


 60 Bicycles

This year was the 60th anniversary of our Northwest Shrine Circus and we celebrated with our friends at Hess Corporation and KXMC TV by giving away 60 bicycles to happy Hershey bar purchasing winners during the Shrine Circus intermissions.  There were 60 extra happy people and record Hershey bar sales.  We call that a win-win situation.


SAMSAR Recipients

Two Minot Shrine Club Nobles, Ron Penfold and Orren Anderson, were recent recipients of the coveted SAMSAR medallion and ribbon award given by the potentate of Kem Temple.  This award is given for outstanding service to the Shrine Club, their Unit, Kem Temple, and  the Shrine Community.



Men Become New Shriners in Between Circus Performances

On Tuesday April 29th between performances of the annual Northwest Shrine Circus, four good men,  Larry Torres, Chris Wilderman, Rick Wightman, and Travis Kane, became Shriners during a Ceremonial held by Illustrious Sir Lowell Domier, Potentate of Kem Temple, and members of the Minot Shrine Club.  All four became members of the Minot Shrine Club and the Minot Shrine Merrymen Unit. After that it was back to work at the Circus.


New Shriners

In December 2013 the Minot Shrine Club was proud to witness five good men, Zachariah Fitzgerald, Nicholas Clum, Michael Naquin, Josh Hulm, and Gregory "Teddy" Gunderson become Shriners at a ceremonial held in Minot at the Masonic Center by illustrious Sir James. Kienast, Potentate of Kem Temple.  He was assisted by Chief Rabban Noble Lowell Domier and members of the Minot Shrine Club.   


Minot Shrine Club President Receives the Honor of Recognition

Rodney Landers, newly elected president of the Minot Shrine Club was recently installed a Knight Commander of the Court of Honour of the 32nd  Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.The Ceremony took place at the Masonic Temple in Fargo on February 1, 2014.



    award certificate       Shriner          

50 Years of Service!

Minot Shrine Club’s Marvin Hoffman has been an outstanding member for longer than one would guess and has achieved a milestone that not many people in North America have or will ever see -- being a Member of the Ancient Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine for fifty years. Marv has faithfully served his Shrine Units, his Shrine Club, Kem Temple, and the North American Shrine and its mission of help through the Shrine Hospitals for Children, all while being an excellent businessman, an honored citizen and a very valued member of his community. 

A certificate of appreciation for his dedicated and faithful service to the North American Imperial Shrine was issued by Imperial Potentate George A. Mitchell and presented at the Annual Meeting of Kem Temple in Grand Forks. Minot Shrine Club is very proud to have such a member.     



There is a new ACE in the Midwest Shrine Clown Competition!

It has been a long time or maybe it never has happened, that a Midwest Shrine clown has won five 1st place awards in the Clown Competition during the annual Midwest convention held this August in Sioux City, Iowa. Minot Shrine Club's own Ken “Dizzy” Gillespie did just that, and became the first “Ace” that anyone can remember and possibly the only one that will ever be awarded five top awards at one competition. “Dizzy” took first place in the Makeup and Costume category, first place in the Parade Ability event, first in the One Man Skit, first place in the Single Balloon Tying event, and first place in the Multiple Balloon Tying contest.

Ken Gillespie, Dave Witter, Jim Clifford, Ken Rotter and Orren Anderson were in Sioux City representing Kem Temple and the Minot Shrine Club at this annual event.

To see photos from the Midwest 2010 event, click Shrine Album 2010.         



The Best Shrine Clown in North America!


 photo dizzy     international clown award plaque

Minot Shrine Clubs’ own Ken "Dizzy" Gillespie was awarded the most prestigious honor presented by the International Shrine Clown Association (ISCA), the "Clown of The Year" award, at the recent MidWinter convention in Indianapolis. If you were to think that this Honor comes easy, just take a look at just a few of the things Ken was doing to achieve this recognition.

Ken was a very active Shrine Clown. During 2009 he served as Kem Temple’s Hospital Chairman, third Vice President of the Midwest Shrine Clown association, Director of the Minot Merrymen unit, President of the newly formed Kem Clowns, Keeper of the Cob for the Hillbilly Clan 172, Minot Shrine Club’s Hospital Representative, and the I.S.C.A. Red Sneaker Fund ambassador for the Merrymen Unit. Ken worked 12 shows for Shrine Circuses at Minot, Williston, and Grand Forks. He was a clown for Kem’s evaluation clinics for the Twin Cities Hospital at Williston, Belcourt, and Grand Forks, ND and at Thief River and Bemidji MN. He was active in Nobles Hospital day and taking the ND Shrine Bowl players to the Twin Cities Hospital. Ken won 1st Place in Parade ability and a top 5 patch for Clown Extraordinaire at the 2008 I.S.C.A. Clown of the Year competition in Atlanta. At the Imperial in San Antonio TX, he won 3 top five patches and at the Midwest in Rochester MN he won 3 top awards in the clown competition. Ken also won 1st Place in Multiple Balloons, 1st Pace in Most Humorous entry, and partnering with his wife, won 1st Place in the Group Skit at the ND State Fair.

He participated in 43 Shrine events as well as 109 public events, 56 birthday parties, 11 picnics, 12 circus performances, and 15 parades.

We do not believe there is a more deserving person than Ken "Dizzy Gillespie to receive the Clown of the Year award, nor one who would represent Minot Shrine Club as well. Ken is truly a Shrine Clown who is a credit to his Unit, his Shrine Club, Kem Temple, his community, his state, the International Shrine Clowns Association, and the United States of America.

The Minot Shrine club is extremely proud of Ken, this award, and his achievements.




Nobody Knows Noses Like the Minot Shrine Clubs’ Merrymen Unit!


clown photo          clown photo    clown photo

The Minot Merrymen were proud to present the ISCA  (International Shrine Clown Association) 2009 “Red Nose” awards to Ken “Bubbles “Rotter and Orren “Buttons” Anderson, and their most Important award, the “Gold Nose” Award to Ken “Dizzy” Gillespie.

The Red Nose Award is awarded to Shrine Clowns who, in a calendar year, have attained 150 hours of service in make-up at parades, circuses, visitations, ceremonials, and other Shrine functions, and have raised and donated over $150 to the ISCA Sneaker Fund (goes to burn research at the Shrine Burns Hospitals), and have attended a national, or regional, convention and participated as an ISCA Shrine Clown. 

The Gold Nose is awarded to a Shrine Clown for achieving five Red Nose Awards and then is awarded it with his sixth Red Nose Award.



washington photo

Mel Heere & Dan Henes Go to Washington

Two Nobles of the Minot Shrine Club were aboard the September 2009 Roughrider Honor Flight to Washington D.C. along with 97 World War II veterans, caretakers, volunteers, three doctors, and 3 nurses.  Mel Heere, a Veteran with service in World War II, and Dan Henes, a volunteer who gave up much time and money to make the trip a success, reported that the trip was a fantastic success, and one to be remembered forever.

The Rough Rider Honor Flight is a project organized and funded by volunteers to honor World War II veterans and enable them to go to Washington D.C. and experience the World War II Memorial as well as other Memorials, notable sights, and symbols of our country.



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